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Must-Have Hire Items for Your Grand Corporate Event

Corporate functions represent a pinnacle of sophistication and celebration, whether it is a grand gala honouring an outstanding year or a festive Christmas gathering in a grand hall. For event planners, each occasion is a unique opportunity to craft an unforgettable experience.

If you are adept in the realm of corporate event planning, your repertoire likely includes a reliable formula for these grand celebrations. However, for those embarking on their event-planning journey, iAM Wedding Hire presents a comprehensive checklist to ensure seamless preparation and avoid a last-minute frenzy.

Elegant Table and Chair Arrangements

A formal corporate event often centres around dining. Securing table and chair hire is a crucial first step. Opt for round tables, typically in sizes of 5ft 6in or 6ft, to comfortably accommodate 8-10 guests. Pair these with stylish Chiavari or Ice chairs in a finish that complements your theme.

Select Glassware for Every Toast

Glassware is more than functional; it is an integral part of the aesthetic. From the wine glasses gracing the banquet to Champagne flutes for celebratory toasts and water tumblers for hydration – each piece plays a role. Remember to consider additional needs, such as reception drinks or bar service, to fully cater to your glassware requirements.

Refined Crockery for Culinary Delights

Crockery, while often underestimated, is pivotal in presenting the culinary creations of your event. Collaborate with your catering team to determine the precise plates, dishes, and bowls to showcase your menu’s delights.

Cutlery to Complement the Cuisine

The evolution of cutlery hire has introduced options that elevate your table settings from pleasing to impressive. Contemporary choices, like gold cutlery, offer an extraordinary touch to your event’s tablescape.

The Centrepiece: A Well-Stocked Mobile Bar

The bar is where guests mingle and connections are made. Ensuring it has appropriately sized for your guest list and paired with high tables and stools, or even a lounge set-up, can create a dynamic social hub.

Dance Floor for Celebratory Moves

An event is not complete without the energy of a dance floor. The modular and portable designs available today allow for quick assembly and a range of styles to suit your event’s theme.

Staging for Presentations and Entertainment

Whether you are spotlighting a keynote speaker, displaying entertainment, or introducing the CEO, portable staging is an indispensable feature for visibility and impact.

Behind-the-Scenes Catering Equipment

Efficient catering is the backbone of any event. Ensure your chef’s requirements are met with advanced hire of necessary appliances like fridges, ovens, and griddles to support the culinary team’s prowess.

iAM Wedding Hire is your ally in orchestrating a stellar corporate event. With a vast collection of furniture, catering equipment, and tableware hire options, we are poised to support your event’s success. Delve into our selection and secure the essentials well in advance to guarantee a seamless and impressive corporate affair.

Explore our extensive range and hire online with iAM Wedding Hire – your partner in crafting memorable corporate celebrations.

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    Copyright © 2010 – 2023. iAM Wedding Hire. All rights reserved.


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    Copyright © 2010 – 2023.
    iAM Wedding Hire.
    All rights reserved.

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