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Imagine a ballroom – sparkling and glamorous, decorated in crimson and black, with magical lighting and alive with chatter of happy people. Look around and admire the classic drapes, the polished wooden floor, the chairs and tables.

The chairs are Chiavari. Classic black. But they could be regal gold, or stylish silver, or perhaps Ice (a style exclusive to iAM Wedding Hire). Look through the door to the dining area. The square-folding banquet tables are simple yet sophisticated. They might be round banqueting tables, to soften the evening.

Our products are also perfect in churches and at outdoor events, like garden parties. They’re strong, durable and we can help you choose the perfect colours and styles for your special event.

Chiavari Black – the classic chair, perfect for the wedding day that requires something formal.

Chiavari Gold – something a little more majestic, to bring a sparkle to a wedding, an anniversary party, or perhaps an engagement party.

Chiavari Silver – we’ve supplied these elegant chairs to businesses for conferences, and groups for private parties. But they’re also perfect for weddings.

Ice – with Ice, your guests will see chairs from a different world – for a wedding like no other, a party that no-one will ever forget. Our Ice chairs will dazzle and change colour under different lights.

Square folding table – ideal as banqueting tables, our 4x2ft 6in trestle tables (seating 4) and 6x4ft 6in trestle tables (seating 6) look elegant with their wishbone legs and black PVC finish.

Round folding table – our 6in round table seats 8 to 10 guests, while our 6ft round table seats between 10 and 12. This table is perfect for more intimate events – weddings, anniversary parties. Wishbone legs and a black PVC finish make these tables sophisticated, stylish and durable.

Resin folding chair –This is our classic chair, ideal for any occasion, but especially good for outdoor events. We offer the Resin Folding Chairs in white and black.

Charger Plates – Chargers were used to enhance the look of the table and returned to popularity in the late 1990’s.Used purely for decorative purposes – food is not served on charger plates and consequently they are often referred to as underplates.

We offer a variety of colours and patterns in an effort to provide our customers with a select choice that is both exciting to find and even more exciting to use.


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    Copyright © 2010 – 2024. iAM Wedding Hire. All rights reserved.


    7B Langford Court, Ongar Road
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    United Kingdom



    Copyright © 2010 – 2024.
    iAM Wedding Hire.
    All rights reserved.

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